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ALCOHOL DEADDICTION CENTRE, DRUG DEADDICTION CENTRE, DE ADDICTION CENTRE, DEADDICTION CENTRE, PSYCHIATRIC TREATMENT CENTRE, PSYCHOSIS HOSPICE. ALCOHOL AND DRUG ADDICTION:- Our spark deaddiction centre General physician saying that Alcohol use disorder is nothing but when you can’t limit how much you drink and getting trouble with emotions when you are not drinking. Suffering patients may thinks that only way to quit alcohol addiction is with their willpower, as if it’s a problem they have to work through all on their own. Alcohol addiction is a disorder and it is actually considered a brain disease. Alcohol addiction causes changes in brain and it make the addict hard to quit. DE ADDICTION TREATMENT OPTIONS:- Many patients thinking that a mixture of treatments works good and they can get them together through a program. That is inpatient and residential program in our de addiction treatment centre for alcohol addiction.Here they stay at our treatment center for a while.DETOX IN OUR DE ADDICTION TREATMENT:- patients who are in chronic alcohol addiction and disorder, this is a first step.The detox theme is to stop drinking and give your body time to get the alcohol out of your system. It will takes twenty one days detox program.Mostly patients coming to our de addiction hospital cum addiction treatment center because of withdrawal symptoms like: Shaking (tremors). Our Doctors and other professionals will care and give medicine to help with addiction withdrawal symptoms.SPARK HOSPITAL COUNSELOR AND THERAPISTS:-Our team of Psychologists, social workers, or alcohol counselors will teach you to Change the behaviors that making addict want to drink.Some patients needing a short, focused counseling session. Others may want one-on-one therapy for a longer time to deal with alcohol addiction like anxiety or depression. Alcohol use can have a big effect on the people close to you, so couples or family therapy can help.our de addiction treatment centre is also a Psychiatric hospital that helping the patients from mental disorders like Hallucinations, Schizophrenia, Alzimer, ADHD and OCD.We Help you to find yourself here!! alcohol dependence syndrome, causes of alcoholism, effects of alcohol.

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